Who can join the Forum?


The Forum is an association of Business Christians working in the North West Region of the United Kingdom. It is a requirement of membership that you have an active Christian faith and can affirm the Forum’s statement of Values.
A Business Christian can be defined as someone who makes a contribution to economic value creation in the economy, generating financial profits, job creation and the general growth of business activity through expansion and start ups.
Some members will represent very small companies or sole traders but this does not preclude membership as long as you see yourself contributing to growth.
Forum members will normally hold positions of responsibility within their organisations and be influential across their operating environments. They should be able to relate their work to the growth of the regional economy, even if they themselves are not directly involved in entrepreneurial activity.
A necessary part of value creation is the provision of services in support of business, whether professional skills or public administration. An influential and senior post holder in the Health or Education sectors, for example, would clearly have such a link and therefore be appropriate for membership.
Where membership is not considered appropriate the individual can be retained on a mailing list. They will receive regular communications and invitations to certain events but will not be part of the online community or the local business support group structures.