About Us

The current crisis is not just economic. It is spiritual. People have lost their way. The flaws in many existing business models have been exposed, and business people are looking for answers.

When people are lost they are prepared to listen. The unprecedented economic collapse presents exceptional opportunities for Christians in the marketplace to influence and speak out with authority and confidence. It is time to show that the answers to economic and social recovery lie within the Kingdom of God.

The Forum is the campaigning voice of Business Christians.



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We are a consortium of Christians across the North West of England, committed to seeing something new rise up from marketplace. Representing many different communities and enterprises, we have been stirred up to connect together to make our influence count .






The Forum has originated from three Business Christians in Liverpool (John Manwell, Norm Murray and Christopher Gibaud) answering God's call to meet and pray together, seeking His direction for Kingdom activity in the marketplace.

The shape of this Forum is emerging as new members add their voices and experience to the group. Together we are building a community that can:

  • Create environments for you to gather with other business Christians.
  • Empower and inspire you with teaching, training, and nurturing.
  • Advocate fresh, Godly business solutions together.
  • Support you in proclaiming the Gospel in your own part of the marketplace.

We already have many ideas, from church-supported start-up models to micro financing programmes. We would love you to join us to throw your ideas in to the mix. The nation will be listening. What shall we say?

Register now to join the Forum and add your voice to the campaign. We will send you free updates, seek your opinions, and connect you with other Business Christians in your area.