A Vision Statement for NWCBF 


The current global economic crisis comes not from the collapse of financial and social systems. . It is a spiritual and moral crisis, one in which our society has utterly lost its sense of the way forward.
In the marketplace of wealth creation we have abandoned our business models based on righteous values and replaced them with models driven by individual greed and short term goals.
At this time of unprecedented change in economic and social conditions around the globe Christians are being challenged to examine and declare their Biblically based values as the standard needed to operate and succeed in the marketplace.
The changed economic landscape before us requires new approaches and solutions to economic development and the provision of services to our communities. Government, nationally, regionally and locally, is now encouraging new partnerships to help them develop a more sustainable economic model for the UK and its regions.
This creates an unprecedented opportunity for Christians today in the marketplace to provide a prophetic voice, a call to examine and adopt standards which are based on the values of the Kingdom as opposed to a continuing dependence on a failing economic system based on unrighteous worldly values.
From this prophetic call can come specific proposals for action, to be led and implemented by those who, through their own experience and success, have the authority and standing to do so.
The Forum Proposal
Today in the North West Region of England, Business Christian are emerging from all sectors, seeking to use their skills and resources in the service of the region and their local communities. God is stirring up His entrepreneurs and leaders at this time to activate His Kingdom, His Voice, in the marketplace.
However, there is a barrier to seeing the Kingdom unleashed. Business Christians are operating, in the main, on their own, unconnected and unsupported in the marketplace. Some, a few, belong to local groupings who can meet regularly and provide fellowship and teaching. Some belong in churches who provide a measure of support. But these are the exceptions. Most operate alone.
Even where groups and supportive churches exist, these are largely unaware of, and unconnected with, other Kingdom groupings in their own immediate area, let alone across the region. 
This Forum creates a dynamic association of Business Christians who live and work in the North West.   By connecting together as an online community of individuals and as a consortium of local groupings, the Forum gathers together a collective, corporate strength that has not been seen before, indeed, has not been possible before – it is unprecedented. 
From this corporate connecting comes an empowering of the individual, practical programmes to create new wealth and a campaigning voice to influence the nation and proclaim the truths of the Gospel. A truly living and dynamic network of Christian Business leaders with hearts and minds for the Kingdom.
Relational Structures
The Forum is, first and foremost, a community of individual Business Christians. Membership is based on the individual, not the business or organisation to which they belong. This community births and has an identity through its online connectivity across the region.
However, the Forum encourages all its members to belong to a local grouping of Business Christians. This will be the primary place of fellowship for teaching, nurturing and practical outworking to create and expand business in the immediate geographical area. Where such groups exist the Forum will partner and support. Where they do not the Forum will endeavour to encourage their creation.
The Forum will be responsible for calling its members together for Regional Gatherings on a regular basis. These will be opportunities to pray for the regional and national economy, to teach on Kingdom practice in business and to convey the collective Forum voice to Government and Business leaders.
The Forum will create strategic alliances with a range of partners. Within the Region with the NWDA, local authorities and development agencies. With MP’s and MEP’s and business organisations. Within the Kingdom with the likes of The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, A Call to Business, The Evangelical Alliance, United Christian Broadcasting and Trans World Radio. 
Through these alliances will come resources to empower members, channels of communication and opportunities to influence.
Forum Goals
Recruiting members, mapping local groups and establishing a meetings structure are the first priorities, ensuring that the Forum can function as a representative body as soon as possible. The web platform enables a “light touch” secretariat with a range of communication applications.
Over time The Forum will undertake a range of activities to support regional economic development. For example:
  • Relational support through prayer, mentoring, teaching and sharing best practice.
  • Innovative business start up models supported by members and local community networks.
  • Development of micro financing programmes and venture capital funds.
  • Engagement with regional and city leaderships to support and challenge.
  • National and international networking with similar groups and associations.
  • Development of further local groupings to widen the remit and expertise of the Forum.
Our Kingdom Attitude
It is our mission to influence and enable major change in the marketplace. To influence strategic secular leaders and gatekeepers we will need to deliver at the highest quality and with cutting edge innovation. If we are to provide solutions to economic and social issues, for example, we want to ensure that what we offer is innovative and creative, having to do with “root” change and not “symptom” management. We will be competing with secular associations and large private corporations who already work with such leaders.
Our emphasis is to work together to promote the values of the Kingdom of God.


Christopher Gibaud, 11/08/2009